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  • WildKenyaSafari

    Update from this mornings safari in Ngutuni: The lioness and her 2 cubs were still by their kill but the hyena's...

    30th August @ 08:29
  • WildKenyaSafari

    Ngutuni Safari Update: After spending a few hours with the lioness, her 2 cubs and their kill, the big cats...

    29th August @ 18:15
  • WildKenyaSafari

    Live update from Ngutuni: A lioness has just killed a Kongini and is now taking a rest next to it before feeding....

    29th August @ 14:20
  • WildKenyaSafari

    Live udate from Ngutuni Safari: A great start to the morning safari. We are now watching a Cheetah closeup.

    28th August @ 06:15

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Wild Kenya Safaris gives you an insight as to what you should bring with you on your Kenya safari, plus general tips!




An overview of our Safari Lodges and general accomodation details. WKS offers comfortable, neat and clean places to spend the night. We have tried and tested these locations to ensure you are comfortable!

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WKS constantly has special offers- to give you the with best deals possible for your special Kenya safari. We are constantly updating this section so do make sure you check back here!


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