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Shazaad Kasmani

Shazaad Kasmani of Wild Kenya Safaris is a well reputed Wildlife & Underwater cameraman based in Kenya.


Being Born, raised and living in Kenya has allowed me to pursue my life’s passion of photographing and filming our natural world, exploring the ocean depths and helping conserve Kenya’s magnificent heritage. I am wild about both wildlife and marine life!


My interests lie in capturing and documenting animal behaviour in their natural habitat and sharing the fascinating life they live on land, air and the Ocean. 


Working with wildlife for the greater part of my life has helped me develop a sixth sense when it comes to animal behavior. I currently track the lives of eleven different lion prides in the Tsavo East Ecosystem and have done so for over ten years. There is no doubt about my love for Kenya’s Big Cats! 


My areas of expertise include: Tsavo East and West National Parks, Shimba Hills National Reserve, Taita, Lumo, Ngutuni Sanctuaries, Mombasa Marine Park and Kisite Mpunguti Marine Reserve. These expertise I am pleased to say have been sought by wildlife documentary filmmakers and researchers alike. 

My wild life photographs have been published in National Geographic magazine and commended in various photography competitions. I also write and publish for various newspapers, magazines and conservation organizations. 


A privileged moment for me was the appointment to Honorary Game Warden by the Kenya Wildlife Service after years of dedication to helping save distressed and injured wildlife, combating bush meat poachers as well as educating the general public on our country's wildlife heritage. 


I am affiliated with Kenya Coast Tourist Association on the Conservation and Regulation Committee, The Shimba Support Group as the former Chairman, a contributor to SWARA Magazine of the East African Wildlife Society and recognized by Nikon as a Wildlife & Underwater Nikon Star. 


Shazaad Kasmani loves sharing wildlife stories with anyone keen to listen to them!

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  • Wildlife Cameraman, Award Winning Underwater Filmmaker

  • Kenya Wildlife Service Honorary Game Warden

  • PADI Dive Master

  • Nikon Star (officially recognized by Nikon) Wildlife & Underwater Photographer

  • My work has been featured in: National Geographic Magazine, NatGeo Wild Videos, Daily Mail, Inside Edition, Yahoo, AOL UK, MSN, Viet Times Australia, PADI TV

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